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OUR MISSION is to create beautiful spaces full of character including the tastes of style and functionality of our customers while respecting the environment and the building that contains them.


OUR INSPIRATION comes from years of experience, from academic knowledge and respect for architecture and interior design throughout history to the perception of new trends created by the mixture of different cultures that constantly visit our beautiful country.


OUR GOAL is to achieve the client's dream, we have a flexible and totally receptive system, we understand that many people are very clear about their ideas and we should only raise it and shape it, but many others do not have the vision of what they want, but there we enter, to guide and achieve the objective.


OUR TEAM of professionals and collaborating companies, is formed by professionals from different sectors, in which we are; Architects, Builders, Real Estate Agents, Interior Designers, Technicians, Engineers and Artists, in which we all have the same goal to create unique spaces.

Belinda Smith

Director - C.E.O

Daniel Ropero

Architect-Tech Supervisor

Claudia Dana-Overhagen

Design & home-staging

Rafael Da Costa Ferreira

Software Engineer - Marketing

David Marín

Commercial Director

Ana Comas

Architect-Interior Designer

Jörg Overhagen


Steve T. Smith

Technical Service