Hello, welcome to the EXOTIC world. We are a team composed of very, very different people, different sex, different nationality, different age, different education..... but all, very, very vibrant, enthusiastic, lovers of life, sun and sea, but above all lovers of our dream, which is to make yours possible.


In EXOTIC we wanted to unify the experience of many years of each of us, to be able to capture a unique concept in which we can advise our clients in various points, such as the purchase of the dream house, or maybe not so perfect, but where we can make some small reform, in where with a few touches of interior design is enough, or with a complete refurbishment showing an amazing before and after.


We can also help those who need to sell their homes at the best market price, selling the property as it is, to an investor, or the right buyer. Or failing that, with a few magical decorative changes, a good photographic report and a marketing campaign, we can raise the value of the property to its maximum.


Maybe your interest is to get a good return on the home you already have, and for that the rental business would be your choice. Maybe is already time for a change in your home or holiday place, and you need new furniture, decoration or some kind of refurbishment, for any of these things visit us in our studio and show room "EXOTIC Homes & Living".


Buying a home is always a very important decision, in which there are many things to consider, our team will help you throughout the process, starting with the selection of area, homes to visit, documentation, contracts, financing, Notary, creation of company, insurance, review and property valuation, survey..... Etc., and of course also in assistance after the purchase.


We really want to share our enthusiasm and desire to create beautiful spaces, villages, houses... we are ready for you.


The team


EXOTIC Homes & Living